Curb appeal is all about highlighting the character of your home and creating an inviting property. Whether you're doing a quick refresh or getting ready to sell, updating your exterior is an essential part of maintaining your home and increasing its value. From light fixtures to landscaping, many factors play a role in elevating your home's look. See our five essentials for sprucing up your home's exterior below.

1. Elevate your front entry

Photo via @modestmarce

Swapping out old fixtures on your front entry goes a long way toward improving your home's first impression. Enlist versatile accents like planters and a doormat to create an inviting feel. Small details can help emphasize certain features of your home—in this entry above, a flatweave rug underneath a traditional doormat makes the doorway feel wider and ties into the gray trim.

Consider the architecture of your front door and interior entryway before deciding on the right updates to make. For a historic property, choosing period-authentic exterior lighting and hardware is essential for maintaining your home's character—especially if you live in a historic district with strict guidelines on exterior updates.

We offer new outdoor lighting and hardware inspired by vintage designs, as well as authentic antique fixtures that have been restored for another life of use. See our Guide to Antique Lighting Styles for more information on the most common historic styles to choose from.

2. Update your front door

Design by @em_henderson, photo via @hellosaratrampinteriors

The right front door sets the tone for your entire house. Consider revitalizing your current door with new hardware or replacing the entire door with a brand new one for a completely different look. If you're looking to update your exterior door hardware, it's often an ideal time to look at sanding and repainting your door as well. Our exterior door sets are handcrafted with solid brass for an update that will stand the test of time.

3. Add accent lighting

Photo via @smalltown.farmhouse

There's more to outdoor lighting than just your porch. Try accentuating your home's architecture with carefully placed lights. These arched sconces offer the right amount of accent light at night to highlight each bay, while providing bold contrast during the day.

Our outdoor lighting is designed to withstand the elements. Choose between damp- or wet-rated, depending on the light's location. Damp-rated lights are ideal for covered porches, while wet-rated lights can be directly exposed to moisture.

4. Update your house numbers & mailbox

Photo via @ourhideawayhome

Since it's often the first thing people see when approaching your home, your house numbers should be easy to read from the curb. Upgrade with modern, oversized numbers with a durable finish. Select a finish that will stand out against your paint color—we offer a range of options to choose from.

Next, don't forget about your mailbox! A modern mailbox adds a nice finishing touch to complete your entry or your driveway. We have post-mounted and wall-mounted options, along with locking mailboxes for added security.

5. Spruce up your landscaping

Design by @raili_ca_design, photo via @ryangarvin

As one of the biggest investments you can make to your property, landscaping can complete your home's architecture and add significant value. Whether you're embarking on a big project or simply adding a few plants here and there, the right greenery will transform your home's curb appeal.

Create a balance between privacy and visibility with your plant choices. At this home above, a series of low shrubs provide a bit of privacy and create clear borders around the front yard, while keeping the exterior of the home easily visible to guests and neighbors.

From stately colonial homes to minimalist retreats, updating your outdoor lighting, hardware, and more will improve your curb appeal for years to come.