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Everything You Need to Know About Portland Flea + Food

The next Portland Flea + Food is coming up on Sunday, September 25th from 11 a.m.–4 p.m. We're hosting the event at our Portland store, on the corner of SE Grand and Taylor. This month marks the 5th anniversary of Flea. In that time, the event has expanded— »

Antiques & Vintage Spotlight: Historic Eras

Our collection of antique lighting is one of the largest and most diverse in the country. We work to find pieces that represent every historic and stylistic era, from early converted gas-powered chandeliers to colorful Modernist pendants. In total, Rejuvenation’s Antiques & Vintage department boasts 11 different historic eras: »

Antiques & Vintage: Behind the Scenes in the Restoration Shop

Within our Antiques & Vintage department is a team of some of the best craftspeople in the industry. Every one-of-a-kind item, from a Victorian light to an Arts & Crafts library desk, is lovingly restored to give it a second life of service and enjoyment. Our team of buyers source »

Antiques & Vintage 101: How to Mix It In

A well-balanced room is styled with objects from across generations. Everyday necessities work with pieces that have stood the test of time to create a thoughtfully designed home. While there's no exact formula for mixing antiques into your work or play space, we've honed in on some tips and tricks. »

A Brief History of Bentwood Furniture

While bentwood furniture seems sleek and modern, its origins are decidedly 19th century. We offer a wide ranging collection of new and antique bentwood seating, dating from the 1870s to today. All of our bentwood furniture comes right from the source, with roots in the centuries-old tradition of steam-bent, laminated »

Antiques & Vintage Spotlight: Turkish Anatolian Rugs

Our collection of antique Turkish Anatolian rugs is a culmination of heart and soul, sweat and tears. Handpicked and salvaged by our team while on location in Turkey, each one-of-a-kind piece has traversed time and the globe to find its way to our shop. Much more than ordinary floor coverings, »

Antiques & Vintage Spotlight: Fresh Picks from the Fields

Our Antique & Vintage buyers travel all over the country, sounding out the most unique relics of American art and architectural history. When you’re on the road the days are long, but the rewards are plentiful. Recent searches have turned up finds in all of our favorite categories. From »

Antiques & Vintage Spotlight: Porcelain Alabax Light Fixtures

The Pass & Seymour Inc. line of Alabax lighting promised a fixture that would not tarnish, rust or stain -- because it was made entirely of porcelain. Porcelain light fixtures first rose in prominence during the late 1920s. Their "sanitary" character, easy styling, range of colors, low costs, »

Antiques & Vintage Spotlight: Vintage in the Bedroom

The bedroom is a place of sanctuary and peace – a place of soft lighting and even softer bedding. It is also a room often filled with cherished, unique objects. When outfitting your bedroom with Rejuvenation’s new line of sheeting and textiles, don’t forget to consider mixing in one-of-a-kind »

Behind the Scenes: The Jennings Hotel

After purchasing the historic Jennings Hotel in sleepy Joseph, Oregon, entrepreneur Greg Hennes started a successful Kickstarter to help fund the remodeling of the small-town landmark built in the early 1900s. Working with interior designers, architects, textile artists, and Rejuvenation, he is restoring the interiors to their former glory (and »

Antiques & Vintage Spotlight: Tales from Round Top

For Rejuvenation Antiques & Vintage, the hunt for each artifact is just as important as the item’s history. Our talented team of buyers travels the country in search of the right mix of objects: from opulent to functional, we’re looking for anything with a story to tell. Recently, »