Mid-Century Modern 1950–1970

As the 1940s gave way to the 1950s, war ended, space travel became a reality, and Americans enjoyed a fresh sense of optimism and prosperity. Cocktail culture, rock’n’roll, and open floor-plan ranch homes celebrated high living in casual style. The lighting of the time embraced this fun and forward-looking zeitgeist, casting off traditional designs in favor of Scandinavian-inspired lines, rocket-ship silhouettes, and buoyant colors. Arguing that sleek needn’t be stark, and approachable needn’t be inelegant, modernism defied the gravity of the war years and conquered the exploration of space: creating rooms that are stylish, livable, and happy.

DETAILS TO LOOK FOR: Starlight perforations, bright colors, aerodynamic silhouettes

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The Meteor. Mid-Century Modern Pendant.
The Sfera 16. Mid-Century Modern Pendant.
The Astron. Mid-Century Modern Pendant.
The Gemini. Mid-Century Modern Wall Sconce.
The Momo. Mid-Century Modern 6-Arm Chandelier.
The Kosmos. Mod Dome Pendant.
The Dora. Mid-Century Modern Pendant.
The Corona Tri. Mid-Century Modern Chandelier.