Industrial 1890–1930

Based on fixtures once used in America’s factories, the lights in our Industrial Collection pay homage to the early-20th-century’s spirit of industry. Because they were originally designed simply to help rural and urban workers see their work, these fixtures are characterized by their pared-down ruggedness. Nothing fussy or fancy here: bare sockets, jointed arms, turnkey switches, and wire cages. That these straightforward pieces  bring a bracing what-you-see-is-what-you-get attitude to today’s homes and workplaces – well, that’s just further evidence that smart, utilitarian design will always have a job to do.

DETAILS TO LOOK FOR: Bare sockets, jointed arms, turnkey switches, and wire cages

See the Industrial Collection now.

The Grandview. Industrial Single Pendant.
The Ironside. Industrial gas-style chandelier.
The Pineridge. Warehouse-style corded pendant light.
The Lone Rock. Industrial-style bench-mount table lamp.
The Baltimore. Industrial-style pendant light.
The George. Industrial single-pole pendant light.
The Reed (left), industrial plug-in wall light. The Anglepoise (right), industrial desk lamp.
The Menlo. Industrial 3-light Cluster Pendant.