Classical Revival 1910–1935

Classical Revival design descended from those fonts of western culture, Ancient Greece and Rome. The style is stately and substantive – as are its architectural antecedents, the Coliseum and Acropolis – and recognizable for two predominant characteristics. The first: a liberal application of design motifs like the Greek key, egg and dart, and acanthus leaves. The second: visual heft and scale that speaks of power and permanence (the same qualities ancient statesman and later Classical Revivalists – Thomas Jefferson famously among them – coveted, one imagines).

DETAILS TO LOOK FOR: Greek key, egg and dart, and acanthus leaf designs; bowl shades; large scale

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The Imperial. Large Neoclassical Chain Pendant.
Jackson Park. Classical Single-Pole Pendant.
The Sheridan. Classical Revival Wall Sconce.
The Ashland. Large Neoclassical Outdoor Sconce.