American Classics 1895–1950

The fixtures in our American Classics collection are time-proven, trend-transcending basics. These designs lit hardworking public spaces like schoolhouses, offices, libraries, and churches in the early 20th century, so they had to be sturdy and amply proportioned. Over the years, their simple, straightforward lines earned them a spot in private spaces, mainly kitchens and bathrooms.

DETAILS TO LOOK FOR: Schoolhouse shades, porcelain, turnkey switches, beehive canopies, cloth cords

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The Rose City. Classic Schoolhouse Pendant.
The Blue Pointe. Classic Billiard Room Ceiling Fixture.
The Davis. Copper Schoolhouse Fixture.
The Kent. Classic Wall Sconce.
The Jefferson. Classic Flush Ceiling Fixture.
The Willow. Classic Multi-arm Chandelier.