Historic Styles

American Classics 1895–1950


The fixtures in our American Classics collection are time-proven, trend-transcending basics.

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Arts & Crafts 1900–1920


The Arts & Crafts Movement advocated craft and character – making, using, and living with pieces made by hand.

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Classical Revival 1910–1935


Stately and substantive Classical Revival design descended from those fonts of western culture, Ancient Greece and Rome.

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Colonial Revival 1905–1935


Colonial Revival design was an aesthetic embodiment of the American ideals: balanced, dignified, and not-too-rarified.

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Deco 1925–1950


In the ’30s and ’40s, references to the past were out. Curvy silhouettes, romantic flourishes, and gleaming finishes were in.

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Industrial 1890–1930


Our Industrial Collection is based on hardworking fixtures used in America’s factories in the early 20th century.

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Mid-Century Modern 1950–1970


Mid-century lighting cast off traditional designs in favor of Scandinavian lines, rocket-ship silhouettes, and buoyant colors

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Victorian 1870–1950

King's Hill

While the Victorians loved ornament, their enthusiasm for technology had an equal part in defining the designs of the day.

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