Brighten the Winter Holidays

As winter sets in and days grow darker, many of us gravitate toward holiday decor that provides much-needed brightness and warmth. Luckily, you needn’t invest in a back-up generator, animated reindeer, or scads of candy-colored string lights to illuminate your home at this time of year. With a little imagination and a few simple tweaks, you can conjure a scene that’s seasonal and sophisticated.


Treat the windows

Place small industrial desk lamps, like our Clover and Cranberry, in each street-facing window – they have far more character (and post-holiday utility) than standard window candles.


Gang up

A single candle is just a candle. A group of candles, coordinated and clustered together, is a statement.


Use flicker

In fixtures where the bulb is visible, swap out plain bulbs for flicker bulbs that look like little flames. It’s a small switch with mesmerizing results.

Flicker Bulb

Turn it out

For a special twist, replace your everyday cabinet knobs with holiday versions. Our glass hexagonal knobs come in red, green, and 11 other festive shades.


Tie one on

Add bows and greenery sprigs to wall hangings. All you need are a removable wall hook and a couple strips of tape (for fastening the ends of the bow behind your piece).

Holiday Clocks 

Stay grounded

Don’t endanger life and limb dangling string lights from the eaves; simply cluster them in wire baskets or large lanterns for an equally twinkly but infinitely safer effect.


Throw about

It couldn’t be easier, but draping a seasonal throw over a chair or sofa injects instant holiday cheer into your room.