Make an Entrance

Entrances are some of a home’s highest traffic areas, and, as a result, they can get (and stay) cluttered. Yet they’re also the first thing you and your guests see when you walk in. With thoughtful lighting and a few well-placed accessories, these busy spaces can be some of the most pleasant and useful areas in your home.


A great ceiling light – with an easily accessible switch – is an entryway must-have. It should cast enough illumination so you can scan your mail, but needn’t be as bright as a task light – between 60W and 100W should do the trick. We also recommend installing a dimmer switch to control the illumination depending on your needs and the time of day.

Choose your light based on the dimensions of your space. Broadly speaking, the lower the ceiling, the shorter the fixture. And the roomier the space, the bigger the fixture. A narrow but tall entry might benefit from a long pendant with a slender shade, while a spacious but low-ceilinged foyer might want a flush-mount ceiling fixture with a dramatic shade.

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Wall sconces also work well in entrances, particularly when used in tandem with a ceiling fixture. They don’t take up much space and add elegance. Flank the front door with a pair or run multiples down the front hall.


If you have the room for a console or entry table, consider topping it with a statement-making table lamp. It will provide a welcome sight every time you walk in, and introduce your décor scheme.


From boots to mail, umbrellas to shopping bags, every item that goes in and out of your house usually ends up making a pit stop in your entry.  With the right set of accessories, you keep your space neat and inviting.

Mail is one of the biggest sources of ongoing clutter. However, with a couple of attractive, strategically placed baskets, you can sort “keeper mail” and “recycle mail” immediately, so it never piles up or gets lost.

Another clutter-fighter: hooks. As far as we’re concerned, you can never have too many – for coats, hats, dog leashes, and bags. With a handy row of hooks mounted firmly to the wall, consider another potentially unsightly pile banished forever. Plus, you may never misplace your keys again!


To keeps things clean, we love to have a perch where you can sit to remove muddy shoes and slip on house slippers. Don’t forget the solid copper “Remove Thy Shoes” sign that politely reminds others to do the same.



For the wall, a well-placed mirror will let you add that final touch of lipstick or straighten your tie. And to help keep your busy life on track, hang an oak-framed chalkboard. You can jot messages, make lists, and scribble reminders in a prominent place before you dash out.