Kitchen Quick Fixes

If your kitchen is less than lovely, you probably dream of renovating it. But what if your budget doesn’t allow for a top-to-bottom redo? Or you rent? Or you don’t have months to wait for work to be done? With a few simple DIY updates, you can give your kitchen a fresh look without a full overhaul.

Cure the Common Cabinet

Cabinets are one of the major elements that visually define a kitchen. If yours are worse for the wear, you can give them a makeover without too much trouble. One option is simply to remove the cabinet doors and hinges for a modern, airy look.

Cabinet HardwareAnother idea is to give wood cabinets a new coat of paint. Be sure to prime first if they haven’t been painted before. If the surface is in good shape, try a bright color in a high-gloss finish—the bold hue will draw the eye away from your kitchen’s less-lovely features. For cabinets with nicks or scratches, choose a matte paint, such as eggshell, to better hide surface imperfections.

If you want a faster fix, swap out cabinet knobs and pulls. With so many styles and finishes available — cheerful colors, decorative details, and fun shapes—you can mix and match for a look you love.



Baltimore SwagPlug in a Pendant

No need to hire an electrician to revamp kitchen lighting—with plug-in pendants, you can do it yourself. These corded lights simply plug in to a wall outlet, so you can hang them anywhere you like. Swag one over an island, the table, or stove, and you’ll see your current kitchen in a new light.







Cafe Rod Brushed NickelCover Up with Curtains

Easy-to-put-up, easy-to-change-out curtains perk up the kitchen with texture, color, and pattern. Try mounting a café set over a small window; if you’re the crafty sort, use clip rings to hang tea towels or vintage fabric instead of traditional panels. Whatever material you use, curtains add design personality to your kitchen, as well as provide privacy and filter light (bonus: they can also hide a not-so-nice view).

Think beyond the windows, too. If your under-the-sink area is exposed, cover it with a cute café curtain for an old-fashioned feel. Or create an impromptu pantry by hanging a full-length drape over a shelving unit.

Birmingham Stripe RugRevive Floors with Rugs

Though you may long for porcelain tiles or hand-scraped hickory, replacing kitchen floors is a major investment. While you save up for that dream surface, you can use rugs to incorporate color and softness underfoot.

More and more retailers are offering indoor/outdoor rugs that look like everything from antique oushaks to designer dhurries. Indoor/outdoor rugs can be rinsed clean, so they’re ideal in the kitchen where spills and moisture might damage a natural-fiber rug. Try a long runner or 2’ x 3’ in front of the sink, or an 8’ x 10’ under the breakfast table (big enough to allow chairs to be pulled in and out without catching on the rug’s edges).