Open a Home Bar

Brass and Glass Bar Cart
Maybe it has to do with certain mid-century TV show where liquor is almost another character, or with modern mixologists who take their craft very seriously, but cocktail culture keeps getting cooler. We love the idea of setting up a home bar to give your place a little extra spirit and to make it easy for guests to self-serve when you entertain. With our simple recipe, you can concoct your own libation station in a quick shake.


Select the surface

Whether your space is pint-size or prodigious, you’ll need a designated spot for the bar. It could be a glamorous rolling cart dedicated exclusively to drinks, a shelf in a bookcase, or an elegant tray on the counter.

Chrome Bar Cart

Gather the goods

Your home bar doesn’t have to be as extensive as a professional one – think about what you’re most likely to serve, and stock those ingredients for starters. For most basic set-ups, vodka, gin, and whiskey will do fine; add vermouth for martinis, tequila for margaritas, and rum for tropical drinks. If you’re looking to branch out, lay in liqueurs that mix well with club soda, like St. Germain (elderflower) or Campari (bitter orange), or that require nothing more than ice, like Bailey’s Irish Cream (coffee) or Amaretto (almond).

Large Glass Ice BucketAdd the accessories

Every bar should have a corkscrew, bottle opener, and glasses; a cocktail shaker and ice bucket are also standard equipment. A breadboard for slicing lemons and limes, a juicer for freshly squeezed mix-ins, and a decanter for aerating wines and ports.

Refer to a recipe book

Keep a couple of recipe books on hand for when you need to double check measurements for an old standby, or want to mix up something special.

Bar Books