Hang a Swag Light

Baltimore SwagGather

Electric drill with 5/8” drill bit


Swag hook kit (includes toggles, wood screws, and threaded studs), rated to hold at least 15 pounds


To hang

1. Decide where you want your swag to hang down. Use your pencil to mark the spot on the ceiling.

2. With your electric drill, drill a 5/8” hole.

3. If you’re drilling into a wood joist, stud, or rafter: Screw the swag hook onto the flat end of the wood screw, then screw the pointed end of the wood screw into the wood. Proceed to step 6.


Wood screws (note that one end is sharply pointed)

NOTE: You could also use a ceiling hook, as long as it’s rated to hold more than 15 pounds.

4. If you’re drilling into drywall or plaster: Screw the swag hook onto the threaded stud. Then screw a toggle onto the threaded stud with its “wings” pointed toward the hook, leaving plenty of space between the hook and toggle.

Studs and toggles

Threaded studs and toggles

NOTE: Do not use a hook without a toggle; otherwise your screw is likely to come loose.

5. Fold the “wings” of the toggle together and push the screw and toggle through the hole you’ve drilled, leaving the hook outside the hole. The wings will flatten out, bracing the hook against the interior ceiling surface. Screw the hook all the way in, so it rests snugly against the ceiling.

Hook and

Completed hook assembly

6. If your swag will hang a long way from the wall, you may want to add an extra ceiling hook to suspend the cord out of the way. Install the hook above the outlet where you’ll plug in the swag.

7. Attach shade and bulb to your fixture, and determine how far down you want your swag to hang. Leaving an appropriate length of cord, drape the cord around your ceiling hook.

8. Plug in your swag.

9. Turn it on.

10. Pat yourself on the back.


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