Sandwich Meets Warehouse

Lardo, a modern sandwich shop and beer garden that features fun and flavorful sandwiches, is the brainchild of Rick Gencarelli, a well-regarded chef associated with fine dining establishments in New York, San Francisco, and Vermont.


Attracted to the city’s thriving food culture, Chef Gencarelli relocated to Portland to explore the culinary possibilities. He did this by opening a food cart, which he felt was “the best way to get to know Portland, and for Portland to get to know him.”

Not surprisingly, the cart took off (so to speak) and became wildly popular. Rick then teamed up with ChefStable, a local investment and consulting firm that supports creative restaurant entrepreneurs.

ChefStable helped transition the Lardo food cart into three Lardo restaurant locations; the first on Portland’s East Side, the second on Portland’s West Side, and now a third in an up-and-coming area of North Portland.

It was during the construction of the first restaurant that designers working with Chef’Stable sought out Rejuvenation for lighting. Seeking lights that suited Lardo’s diner-meets-industrial vibe, they settled on our Carson warehouse fixtures paired with Cobalt blue shades. In fact, the cobalt inspired the restaurant’s signature blue that appears on the Hawthorne location’s exterior.


Rejuvenation also provided fixtures for the second Lardo location. Once again, our Carson fixtures were used throughout, this time with cobalt blue angled dome shades, which illuminate three large menu chalkboards.

A third Lardo location is currently in the works, and is scheduled to open February 2014. Located on N. Williams – a vibrant street dotted with eclectic restaurants and one-of-a-kind shops – Lardo will assume space on the first floor of a renovated auto shop that has deep neighborhood roots.

Our partnership with Chefstable and Lardo continues. Rejuvenation trade rep Jana Partee is working closely with ChefStable project manager Jessica Silverman to install our lighting in this new location. The warehouse-style lights pay homage to the industrial roots of the original structure, as well as convey the Lardo brand.

Stay tuned for more about this latest location!