Happy New Year! Light up the night with Vintage Neon

When neon lighting technology hit the scene in the early 20th century, it was a dazzling sensation. Manufacturers called it “light without heat,” and incredible signage featuring flickering, flashing letters, arrows and stripes began dotting avenues all over the nation. At Rejuvenation, we have an on-going love affair with antique signage, particularly restored neon. With New Year’s Eve approaching, a time when the night is lit by bright bulbs and celebratory fireworks, we thought this would be the perfect time to share some of our favorite glow-in-the-dark relics!

You can bask in the glory of our vintage neon in any Rejuvenation store, including our Los Angeles location, which features a Hollywood-inspired installation called Neon Alley.

Neon Alley lights up our Los Angeles store.

Our website also hosts a large collection of restored neon, ripe for your perusal:

Double-Sided Neon Eagle Sign, c. 1950s.

Neon Eagle detail – incredible tube bending!


Double-Sided Neon Star Sign, c. 1940.

Neon Liquor Sign w/ Porcelain Faceplates, c. 1940 – party responsibly!

Double-Sided EAT Sign, c. 1950.

May your 2016 be glowingly bright!