Then & Now: Portland Store & Factory

Rejuvenation is rooted in taking the best of what’s old and making it new again. And that includes not only lights and hardware, but buildings, too. Over the years, we have renovated, rehabilitated, and yes – rejuvenated – the places where we work and make our products. A brief tour follows of our Portland store and factory locations since the company’s inception in the mid-1970s.

1975. Our first store in NE Portland got its start as a saloon. Company founder Jim Kelly bought it for $1,000 to save it from being torn down. He still jokes that he probably paid too much.

1977. The former saloon site is now open for business – this time as a salvage store. Sales transactions, and light and hardware restoration happened on the first floor. Jim lived in the apartment upstairs.

1979. Our first move, to the nearby c.1910 Latham Building. The showroom and salvage were on the first floor and in the basement. Light fixtures were built in the apartments upstairs. Brass was polished in the closets.

1991. Our second big move, this time to the c.1902 Neustadter Building in SE Portland. (This photo was probably taken in the early 1940s.)

The Neustadter Building as it looks today. This is still the home of our Portland store, which bustles with historians, designers, knowledgeable sales associates, and salvage experts. (We used to make the lights there too, until we outgrew it.)

1999. We moved manufacturing and operations to what is now our current factory location – the c.1939 Chase Bag Building in Industrial NW Portland, an area of the city defined by its deep manufacturing roots.

A more complete view of our factory as it looks today. (Note the Art Deco influence, particularly the stacked rows of glass blocks above the corner entrance). This is where the magic happens: inside, dozens of expert craftspeople finish, wire, and assemble each customized light to order, and restore one-of-a-kind antique finds.