Lighting Lengths

One of the questions our customers ask most often is, “How do I figure out how long my light should be?”

A lot of companies offer one length – what you see is what you get. But antique lighting lengths varied tremendously, and we choose to honor that tradition by letting you choose your own length. We also think it just makes sense to offer custom lengths, because ceiling (and people!) heights are different.

In general, we recommend a distance of 80 to 90 inches from the floor to the bottom of the light (which includes the shade). Depending on how and where you’ll use the fixture, you may need slightly different measurements.


DiningRoom_LightingLengths Dining room lighting

Dining room tables are typically 31 inches high. The standard is that lighting should hang 35 inches above the table surface (or 66 to 76 inches above the floor) so it’s not in diners’ sight lines, but still creates enough light to illuminate the table.








Kitchen island, counter, and sink lighting

Workspaces need focused task lighting. Hanging pendant lights 72 to 76 inches from the floor provides illumination and head room…although tall folks may want to go with even shorter fixtures.






Porch, entry, and hallway lighting

To ensure pendants or chandeliers don’t block the door or pose a hazard to taller people, keep the bottom of the shade at least 84 inches above the floor.






Vaulted ceilings

Fixtures that hang from a single chain automatically adjust to sloped ceilings. Rod pendants with a loop-to-loop at the socket will also self adjust on vaulted ceilings.

When ordering vaulted ceiling fixtures at a specific overall length, expect up to a 1-inch variance in overall length due to the varying pitches of sloped ceilings.


More general lighting length tips:

◦   A quick cardboard and string mock-up can help you determine a comfortable length.

◦   When ordering, enter lighting length measurements in decimal form using whole or half inches only. For example, you’d enter 36-1/2 inches as 36.5 online.