Watermark: Our Partners in Craft

A Watermark craftsman assembles a faucet in Brooklyn, NY.

Expanding our bath selection means partnering with companies a lot like our own. One of our most exciting collaborations has been with Watermark, a N.Y.-based manufacturer that designs, assembles, polishes, grinds, buffs, colors, lacquers, assembles, tests, and packages its own faucets and plumbing sets, all in their factory in Brooklyn.

They not only share our values about quality construction and materials – like Rejuvenation, they also pay attention to the details.

One of the details that makes a big difference to the quality of a bath set is quarter turn ceramic stops.  The handles in our Watermark shower and faucet sets have quarter turn ceramic discs–two highly polished hourglass shaped ceramic discs in the valve stem.   When perpendicular, they cut off the flow of water.  When parallel, water flows freely.  This adjustment only requires a quarter turn of the handle.

The Conner Shower Set

The Connor Shower Set

Quarter-turn ceramic valves are durable and long-lived, requiring little to no lifetime maintenance.  Traditionally, the flow of water in faucets is controlled by a rubber washer decompressing and compressing.   This washer wears out due to friction and heat, and has to be replaced.  Over time they can require more and more compression, or knob-turning, to operate.  Quarter turn ceramic discs solve these problems, and are built to last.

Working with Watermark not only means quality construction.  It meant we could provide a range of styles and finish to perfectly finish your bath project.  And, just like we allow you your choice of shade in our lighting, it means we could offer your choice of shower head, from sculptural statement pieces to functional jet systems.

Just one of the many details that make a big difference.

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