An Experiment with Legs

Here at Rejuve, we care as much about our employees as we do our customers (and that’s a lot). We pay for public transportation, match charitable donations, offer free health screenings, and even give away turkeys at Thanksgiving. So when one of our employees was invited to take part in an experiment that could help her body and her work, we leapt at the chance.


The subject: Heidi W., crackerjack web designer
The experiment: Swap out a regular desk for a fancy electric desk that raises up and down
The equipment: A brand new Elevate II Single Surface desk from Anthro


One morning in early January, three ladies from Anthro showed up with a big box and a small toolkit. As they put together Heidi’s new workstation, her standard-issue, laminate-topped issue was rolled away.

After a brief interval, voila! The new marvel was revealed.photo.JPG

We all took turns pushing the button and watching the desk move up and down. Besides being highly amusing, this feature allows each user to adjust the desk to the right height for them, which prevents strain and improves alignment through the back, neck, shoulders, and wrists.

Finally, Heidi shooed us away so she could get to work. After two weeks of using the desk, we  asked her how the experiment was going.


What do you think of your new desk?

I think it’s great! I have enough room and I get compliments on it all the time. I keep hearing other employees try out my desk when I step away. My coworker who sits next to me loves the hum the desk makes when I raise or lower it … she says it sounds like I’m taking off!

How will having an electric desk benefit you (besides making you terribly popular)?

Because the desk is adjustable and really roomy underneath, there’s enough space for an under-desk elliptical machine. So I can work out while I’m working! Plus because I have a foot injury that bothers me sometimes, I can lower the desk and sit down whenever I need to.

How has this desk changed your work?

I have more surface space to spread out on (though that may not be a good thing…) but more importantly, I’m moving around more instead of slumping in one place for hours at a stretch. I have more energy and feel better at the end of the day.


Do you think Anthro should hook up everyone at Rejuvenation with one of these desks? (Hint, hint!)

Absolutely! I’ll get right on that…

(You can also check them out yourself at http://www.anthro.com/)








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