Small Lighting Solutions: For Pantry, Nooks & More

Every home contains some small spaces, be they tiny pantries or sumptuous walk-in closets. Standard-sized lights can be too much for these rooms, creating a cramped look and taking up too much valuable real estate. Rejuvenation’s many small-space lighting solutions offer tailor-made solutions that are as polished as they are petite. Here’s a sampling of our favorites:

(Psst: need a bit more help deciding on the ideal fit? Our free customization options and friendly customer service experts are ready for whatever challenges your smallest spaces can conjure!)



The Hannah bare bulb flush light with chrome bulb.


Pittock single sconce or Hannah bare bulb. Pantries are little spaces that can become big headaches when it comes to lighting. If wall lighting is the better answer to your pantry problem, consider the compact yet chic Pittock Single Sconce. It can be matched with any of our 3-1/4″ fitter shades and provides plenty of light without needing a lot of clearance. If your pantry would better benefit from a ceiling flush mount option, try The Hannah, a classic porcelain fixture which eschews a shade in favor of a bulb (it pairs especially well with a chrome-tipped, clear, or white globe). This versatile fixture will add a bit of personality that plays well with any era’s trappings.



Jefferson LED flush mount.

Walk-in closet or dressing room

Jefferson. A smaller ceiling flush-mount light makes it easy to “shop” your entire closet, and keeps cords and fixtures safely out of the way. Since about 1915, the Jefferson has been an all-purpose household lighting star, making appearances in nearly every room of the house. Even better: this fixture is now available in LED, making this a great eco-friendly option that will blend in effortlessly with any furnishing or architectural style.



Reed in polished nickel.

Work Spaces

Reed. This fixture-and-shade combination is our most adjustable wall bracket to date. This design is pre-made by our craftspeople in Portland, Oregon, and kept on hand, so you can get it fast. Rest assured, it features the same painstaking heirloom quality as our custom-made lights. Direct it up, down, side to side – wherever you want to create an inviting pool of illumination, making this a nice choice for small workplace nooks (like the built-in desks featured in more and more contemporary kitchens), workshops or a craft table. Need even more versatility? The Reed also comes in a plug-in option.



The Grandview sconce
in polished nickel

Breakfast Nook

Grandview Sconce. The Grandview is the epitome of unfussy, extra-useful industrial lighting. We designed it with adjustable heads that let you choose the angle of light you want. Crafted of solid brass, the Grandview features a single canopy and turnkey sockets. The freedom to turn each light on or off separately means your little breakfast nook is now the perfect place for the morning paper (and a lot of light is needed) and your midnight snack (when a little light works best).



McCoy Plug-in pendant
with copper dome shade.


McCoy Plug-in (shown here with copper dome shade). The go-anywhere adaptability of our McCoy light is made all the more functional by giving in a cord and plug, so you can hang it yourself wherever you like and take it along if you move. Plus, the variety of cotton cord color options keeps this utilitarian light fashionable.

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