Pub Crawl :: Portland’s Eastside

DIG A PONY • 736 SE Grand

Dig A Pony

Enjoying a beer at Dig A Pony, under the Fords Mill light in Oil-Rubbed Bronze with vintage amber glass shades


Nestled in Southeast Portland’s Industrial neighborhood lies the saloon-inspired Dig A Pony. Surrounded by warm, rustic early-20th-century lighting and with plenty of worn leather booth seating, the space conjures well-worn cantinas and gritty border-town bars. Dig A Pony boasts a finely tuned cocktail menu that pays homage to classic cocktails and innovations such as the Saturday Afternoon and includes reasonably priced southern fare. Stop by for a happy hour where you can drink as it were the 1880s, but with little fear of gunslingers.


The Hood looking good at Dig a Pony

The Hood looking good at Dig a Pony in Oil-Rubbed Bronze accompanied by a 18″ clear ball shade.



Ironsides at The Sweet Hereafter

The Ironside, soft and subtle, at Sweet Hereafter


Providing the denizens of the Sunnyside neighborhood with strongly poured drinks, vegan fare, and no shortage of rustic charm or interesting characters, Sweet Hereafter has all the allure of a Great Gatsby speakeasy pulled into the modern era. Softly lit nooks and tucked-away spaces impart an aura of intimacy, though patrons can escape to the spacious heated patio for a little elbow room. It’s the perfect complement to its sister bar, the Bye and Bye, without all the travel required. Come for a drink and stay for the gritty, uninhibited ambiance.


The Sweet Hereafter

Just hanging around at Sweet Hereafter with an Ironside Chandelier and accompanying Pendant


BYE AND BYE • 1011 NE Alberta

Restored Antique Mid-Century Modern light at Bye & Bye

Restored Antique Mid-Century Modern light at Bye & Bye


To some, the word vegan can conjure notions of the drab or dreary, but here in the Northwest, the growing trend is embraced with an unbridled enthusiasm. The Bye and Bye reaffirms our love of all things meat and dairy-less, sporting a menu brimming with tofu delights. The Weeping Tiger Sandwich is a shining example — a tasty trifecta of tofu cutlets, avocado, and the hippest of condiments, Siracha. The space is perfect for relaxing, conversing, or colluding with its intimate seating approach of pint-sized spaces, amply lit by Schoolhouse style lighting first popular in the early 1900s. The cocktails impress with house-infused liquors and their extensive beer list leaves no hops lover behind. An accentuated Mid-Century Modern feel enhanced black enamel fixtures and opal shades provides a perfect backdrop for cool conversation and appetizing eats.


The Bye & Bye sports a jaunty salvaged Arrow

The Bye & Bye sports a jaunty salvaged Arrow


LARDO • 1212 SE Hawthorne

The Carson at Lardo

The Carson Warehouse Pendant makes its presence known at Lardo


Pork, beef, and venison! Oh my! Lardo is a gourmet sandwich shop deeply rooted in the timeless tradition of European charcuterie. The chefs glorify the usual deli experience by adding interest to a varied sandwich menu that includes Pork Meatball Gyro, Pork Belly Bahn Mi, and Smoked Coppa Cubano. Revel in the meaty menu under the tent on the outside patio or imbibe with a rotating tap at the bar. Perfect meat-eating illumination is provided by the Wiley fixture with Cobalt shades and a Stained-Oak handle.


The Wiley Trouble Light with Blue Metal Shade at Lardo

The Wiley Trouble Light with Blue Metal Shade at Lardo



Warehouse lights at Olympic Provisions

Warehouse lights at Olympic Provisions


The French call it charcuterie, in Italy it’s Salume, and to the Spanish, Salchichion Iberico. Whatever its name tag says, no one has mastered the art of cured meats quite like Olympic Provisions. The owners, alongside classically trained chefs, have reinvented a European classic with a unique American twist. Small plates are centric to the experience and deliver delectable in-house meats, cheeses, and a myriad of picked creations. Early 20th century cocktails pair perfectly with the industrial warehouse lighting and handmade furnishings, making it an ideal venue for lunching, brunching, or a romantic evening out.


The Wiley with Wire Cage at Olympic Provisions

The Wiley with Wire Cage at Olympic Provisions

The Wiley Trouble Light in oil-Rubbed Bronze brightens the cool, industrial interior at Olympic Provisions.


AVIARY • 1733 NE Alberta

The Hood, looking light and airy at aviary

The Hood, looking light and airy at Aviary


Willamette Week’s 2012 “Restaurant of the Year”, Aviary proudly produces impressively innovative dishes in a high-end, thoroughly modern setting. These culinary trailblazers construct flavors to blow both your taste buds and your mind in an airy setting that brings the outdoors in. This space takes flight with the addition of Burnside pendants in Antique Copper with unexpected and intriguing Squirrel Cage bulbs. The supremely stately Hood stands alone in Antique Copper with a stunning 18″ clear ball shade.


A slide of Burnsides take flight at aviary

Burnside pendants take flight at Aviary


WOODSMAN TAVERN • 4537 SE Division

Restored Antique Industrial Light at the Woodsman

Created just for the Woodsman Tavern, this unique fixture is part dental arm, part streetlight and all super-cool.


For a place that takes “locally sourced” to heart, look no further than the Woodsman Tavern. It’s the quintessential bearded-man’s watering hole, opened by Duane Sorenson, owner of now bi-coastal Stumptown Coffee Co. The restaurant is furnished in mid-century dark woods, iron-encased fixtures, and Edison-esque lighting. While exploring Oregon through oil paintings, order from the seafood bar via one of the bow-tied waiters, and peruse the multitude of wines on the menu. For Pacific Northwest highlights, just look to the one-of-a-kind fixture, part 1920s dental arm, part street light with a cluster socket for wattage oomph and a Dome shade in gloss black, gracing a cozy corner table.


Salvage table at Woodsman Tavern

Salvage table at Woodsman Tavern


THE TANNERY • 5425 E Burnside

The Wiley at the Tannery

The Wiley at the Tannery


Sit down and savor a drink at this cozy and eclectic North Tabor locale. Offering craft cocktails, a well curated selection of artisan spirits, beer and wine and a humble tasty bar menu, the Tannery offers cool and cozy in spades. If their lamp-lit bar doesn’t charm you, we’re not sure what would. The Wiley, a task light by nature, provides the perfect pool of illumination for you and your favorite drinking compadre.

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