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Whether you’re renting a cramped studio apartment or luxuriating in a sprawling mansion (or like many of us, somewhere in between), high-quality towels are a quick and affordable way to make life feel more luxe. Stepping out of the shower into an ultra-soft bath sheet is an instant morning upgrade. Hitting the sand with a sophisticated deck towel makes it easy to relinquish its long-suffering threadbare predecessor. We use the best materials in a handsome, headache-free color palette. The result is chic towels that won’t scratch your skin (or dent your wallet). Check out all the ways Rejuvenation does textiles in style:

Subway-Towels_936x990For the Bath

  • Subway Tile Bath Towels and Hand Towels. Why should kitchen backsplashes have all the subway tile fun? These soft, cushion-y towels are extra absorbent and fast drying thanks to a special low-twist yarn, and come in three monochrome-tastic colors.


  • Organic Aerocotton Bath Towels and Hand Towels. There’s cotton, and then there’s Aerocotton, a 100% organic Turkish cotton that’s crafted using an innovating spinning process that allows air to pass through the fibers. All that technical talk translates into a buttery-soft, plush towel (in 8 color options) with superior absorbency.

Deck-Towel_335x495For the Great Outdoors:

  • Deck Towel. Our 100% smooth woven Turkish cotton deck towel will elevate your day at the beach with deluxe touches like hand-tied fringe. It’s designed to naturally repel sand, with a reverse side lined with heavier terry cotton to add softness and absorbency for sun-soaked skin. Oh, and it’s machine washable, so your day can be spent on more important tasks, like frolicking in the waves.


Spilled-Milk-Towel_664x930For the Kitchen:

  • Tea towels (Type Test, Spilled Milk, Cheese Families): Tea towels are the new kitchen statement, literally. Far from the overly gaudy or fussy versions of generations past, the beautiful typography and smart designs enhance your kitchen’s décor, be it awesomely antique or marvelously mod. Plus, these versatile 100% linen towels are as useful as they are hip.


  • Huckaback Linen Hand Towels: If you say “Huckaback”, your neighbor is likely to reply with “Gesundheit.” Understandable. But Huckaback is actually a folk-weaving style created more than 1,000 years ago, possibly named for the traveling “hucksters” who sold cloth bearing the same design. This durable and moisture-absorbent linen starts deliciously crisp and softens with each wash, meaning that (like you), it just gets keeps getting better.

Psst! Need somewhere to hang all those new textile treasures? You’ve come to the right place. Check out our Towel and Bath Hardware!

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