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We long for great canisters every single time we buy a bag of flour, sugar, or coffee. Probably because resealing those flimsy sacks is beyond impossible. Fashion and function overlap far too infrequently when it comes to kitchen and bath storage, which is why here at Rejuvenation, we make it a point to offer a range of beautiful, versatile canisters in a variety of sizes and top-quality materials. These products are built to last, and won’t rust or dent like cheap tins. From science lab inspired glass to classic earthenware, we have something that will elevate your décor while blending in seamlessly. Here are some of our favorites:

Ball-top-canisters_298x441Throwback: Glass Ball Top Canisters. You’re sure to find plenty of uses for these antique-inspired glass ball top canisters in the bathroom, laundry room, craft room, kitchen, and beyond. And with six available sizes, you’ll be able to store everything from pasta to potpourri in retro-chic style.Modern-Glass-Canister_773x772

Minimalist: Modern Glass Canister. This clean-lined glass canister (available in three accommodating sizes) and its sleek profile won’t compete with other décor.

Lidded-Lab-Glass-Canister_542x772Groundbreaker: Lidded Lab Glass Canister: Whether you like to experiment with new taste sensations in the kitchen or concoct natural beauty products in the bath, this handmade canister fits the bill, based on the sturdy, heat-proof glass typically used in laboratories. Use one as an eclectic or ultramodern focal piece or buy all three sizes for a sleek storage trifecta.

Numbered-Earthenware-Canisters_936x607Classic: Numbered earthenware canisters. This set of three glazed earthenware canisters was inspired by the past, but fits seamlessly into to any contemporary kitchen or bath. Great design and function never go out of style.

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