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5 Easy Pieces for a Crisp Summer Porch

Spring has arrived in earnest, and not a moment too soon. Now that the days are once again waxing, we’re eagerly sinking our teeth into updating some spaces in anticipation of breezy evenings spent sharing tall glasses of cool drinks and even taller tales.

Chief among our household makeover projects: the porch. Often overlooked in favor of its bigger, rowdier cousin, the backyard (with its boisterous barbeques and fantastic fire pits), a porch can be an easy space to underestimate. But with our new outdoor and garden line, the front porch becomes a summer foyer, welcoming and lounge-worthy. These five easy pieces make a crisp summer porch as easy as the apple pie you’ll soon enjoy on it.

Carson_Porch_936x9361. Choose the right light: Whether teatime formal or coffee casual, our favorite outdoor spaces are uncluttered and unfussy. (Plus, it never hurts to see where we’re going after dark.) The functionality and flair of our versatile Carson Warehouse Light is a nod to classic industrial design warm enough for any breezy veranda. The aluminum is sturdy but lightweight, maintaining all the small, thoughtful period details from the 1890s originals. Choose the white or copper shade for a bright, tailored look.

Putman_Porch_936x9362. Add an exterior door set: Give your contemporary porch a nod to the past with our Putman classic exterior door set. The polished nickel finish is a great option to make the finely detailed beveled-edges pop; the backplates will reflect all the warm colors of the waxing and waning days.

3. Sprinkle in personality with matching accessories: Your porch can’t be the summer gathering spot if your  guests can’t find the house! Our black-on-ivory Porcelain Tile House Number Set will not only let them know they’ve got the right       place, it will welcome visitors with clean, period charm. They’ll alert you that the good times have started (with sangria makings in hand, with any luck) by using our Butterfly Door Knocker.

Adirondak_936x9364. Sit down and stay a spell with stylish, comfortable seating: Regardless of your décor, the porch experience is all about seating. Why not make your seats feel as good as they look? Our Adirondack-In-A-Box is pre-drilled and countersunk for easy assembly (bonus: the instructions are easy to understand. Porches are made for kicking back, not kicking and screaming!) The clear western red cedar—sustainable wood from Vancouver, British Columbia, milled in Portland, Oregon—is naturally free of knots and ready to stain or paint. The results are equal parts sturdy and comfortable.


5. Bring the space to life with flora and fauna: A great porch creates synergy between the great indoors and the great outdoors. The good people at Portland’s own Pigeon Toe create authentically handcrafted, uniquely beautiful ceramics destined to be both conversation pieces and modern heirlooms. The Pigeon Toe Hanging Basket and Pigeon Toe Birdhouse each feature locally hand-thrown porcelain, simple accents and naturally imperfect designs. With a glazed clear interior and an unglazed sanded porcelain exterior, these pieces marry form and function so beautifully, you’ll be well into your second jar of lemonade before the neighbors finish admiring it.

Our neighborly advice: A pop of color, a few tailored details and a healthy dose of simple, natural forms will keep your porch crisp and cool all season long.

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