Mercantile Color Collection

Colorhouse + Rejuvenation = Mercantile Color Collection

Once upon a time, shoppers in need of a variety of items could go to one general store and find everything. Inspired by this historical model, Rejuvenation is partnering with Colorhouse Paint to provide customers with the Mercantile Color Collection and expand our offerings of quality and sustainable home goods.


Paint that’s beautiful and gentle on the environment.

The Mercantile Color Collection, like all Colorhouse Paint, is a low-odor, zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint that has no chemical solvents or hazardous air pollutants. Artists Janie Lowe and Virginia Young founded Portland-based Colorhouse Paint because they wanted to create a paint that was beautiful, but also gentle on the environment and on people.

And at Rejuvenation where we repurpose and restore the best of what’s old, sustainable practices are important to us.

“From artist-crafted color to hand-crafted lighting, Colorhouse and Rejuvenation both create products whose quality, authenticity, and sustainability reflect the spirit of our shared birthplace: Portland, Oregon,” said Lowe. “With our shared focus on sustainability and beauty, Rejuvenation is a perfect retail partner for this classic color palette.”


Available in 36 interior hues.

The Mercantile Color Collection is available in a palette of 36 interior hues. They are organized into six color families named after bulk items found in traditional general stores: Chalk (whites), Tea (neutrals), Seed (greens), Denim (blues), Flint (cool neutrals), and Spice (yellows, reds, and oranges).

Fandecks and 8 oz. paint samples will be available in all Rejuvenation stores and gallons can be ordered exclusively through

“As a go-to resource for classic, American-crafted lighting, house parts and hardware for homes old and new, Rejuvenation is committed to providing sustainable products handcrafted in America,” said Marta Benson, senior vice president of Rejuvenation. “We are thrilled to partner with Colorhouse to serve home and business owners who rely on Rejuvenation for home improvement solutions that stand the test of time.”


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