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String Lights, Adirondacks & More
As scandalous as this may sound, we’re just going to say it: Pinterest has totally ruined party planning. Don’t get us wrong, we can’t get enough of the online mood board and its endless inspirations. It’s just that now that we’ve pinned umpteen utopian outdoor partyscapes (you know the type—a Martha-worthy reclaimed picnic table, peonies by the truckload, fireflies in mason jars suspended like stars from weeping willow branches) our basic backyard BBQs suddenly feel a little underwhelming.

If you have a busy work week, a family, or, you know—any obligations which preclude you from having 80 spare hours to plan your next casual get-together, take heart! Rejuvenation has great outdoor accessories to make your fetes more festive and your everydays more like soirees.  These useful and unfussy summer staples strike a fun, breezy balance between blah and over the top. In other words, you’ll still get oohs and aahs, but you won’t be too exhausted from decorating to care.

Before you round up ice and charcoal, here’s your outdoor party shopping list:

    • Light the Night: You know how your average string lights never reach as far or last as long as you want them to? Our 24 String Lights are 50 feet of way-above-average—enough to zigzag overhead the patio or weave through the branches. If your party pad is a little smaller, add a little romance with a strand or two of 10 Shaded String Lights.


  • Chic Citronella: Your party needs a bold pop of color, not the intrusive pop of bug zappers. Our Lemon Bergamot Citronella Candle features two wicks for an even, consistent burn. Guests will love that the bug-banishing citronella is enforced behind a lovely summer bouquet of lemon, bergamot, honeysuckle and basil. Bonus conversation starter: they’re made in America (in Bloomington, Minnesota).
  • Adirondak_1000x753Sit Pretty: Our sturdy Adirondack-in-a-Box is easily assembled and can be stained or painted to match any outdoor color scheme. Add an extra dash of cozy comfort with our Indoor-Outdoor Anchor Pillow. Toss a few Trimaran Stripe Indoor-Outdoor Poufs on the deck as stand-by ottomans, extra seating or makeshift cocktail tables.
  • Beverage Buckets & Bottle Openers: Here’s to multi-purpose outdoor accessories! Our Round Galvanized Steel Planter makes the perfect place to keep a few beverages ice cold. Be sure to keep a couple Antler Bottle openers laying nearby so guests don’t have to wait to have their beverages refreshed (which means you can spend more time enjoying your own party—you’re welcome.) And this party animal is a responsible one: the antlers are naturally, seasonally shed by reindeer and collected by the semi-nomadic Sami herders.
  • Deck-Towel_335x495

  • Picnic & Pool Blankets: Gathering around the pool? Don’t forget to set out a few navy striped Deck Towels, made of Turkish cotton. Or for a backyard picnic feel (or for nighttime hangouts) have a Pendleton Brown Watch Plaid Travel Blanket with Leather Carrier on hand. What better way to end a backyard party than snacking and sipping while stargazing?
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