Made in America: Steele Canvas


Steel Canvas bins are a perfect asset
to any laundry room.

In addition to crafting many of our own products right here in our Portland factory, we are equally proud to carry a number of items from a carefully chosen selection of American brands. Among the most beloved is Steele Canvas. Their durable canvas goods have been made in Massachusetts since 1921. Like us, the good people at Steele thoughtfully construct their products with painstaking detail and care. Case in point: the Steele logo is still hand-applied using the original brass stencil from 1921!

As industrial and rustic chic décor finds its way into more and more homes, Steele has experienced a bit of a renaissance as the laundry and storage bins of choice for those who want quality and style without fuss. Built with a solid steel frame, tough, breathable canvas, and casters made from non-marking rubber, it’s easy to roll from room to room but won’t leave tracks or scratches.


Steele Canvas laundry bins
in small, medium, and large.

We stock this go-to cart in small, medium and large sizes (which measure in bushels, a charming testament to Steele’s lasting legacy). Need even more storage? We also offer a three-section option for easy sorting (lights, darks and delicates, perhaps).

Thanks to Steele Canvas and all our partners who still make their top-quality wares in the USA.

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