Made in America:
Quality Still Counts

Shopping online or from a catalog is oh-so-convenient—the only thing more decadent than breakfast in bed is browsing in bed. However, this modern ease too often comes at the cost of quality or a sense of connection with a product’s origins, leaving consumers with no idea who made it, where it was made, or what materials were used. Our amazing customers deserve better, so we do things a little differently.

Quality products, convenience and treating people well don’t have to be mutually exclusive—we’re living proof. We’re proud that many of our pieces are meticulously designed, engineered and crafted right here in our home base—Portland, Oregon. Our factory is at the c.1939 Chase Bag Building in Industrial NW Portland, an area of the city defined by its deep manufacturing roots.

Miles-Copper_1000x1116We also love to seek out partnerships with American artisans who love aesthetics and quality as much as we do. We source some of our parts through great independent manufacturers here in Portland and all across the nation. For instance, West Virginia’s Davis-Lynch is a family-owned, independent handblown glass manufacturer; they have created many of our most beloved schoolhouse shades for the last 20 years. Their traditional processes and hand-painted details result in unparalleled beauty and durability.

Is it a bit more work to do things this way? Yes. The kind of work that doesn’t feel like work at all. It’s so worth the extra effort to be sure our customers and employees can proudly stand behind our brand, products and core values. From outstanding customer service to complimentary customization and design services, we’re out to eliminate that sinking “but it looked so much nicer in the picture” buyer’s remorse. (Beware the brand that thinks Photoshop means “camouflage”.)

Ready to experience 21st century shopping the way it should be? Throw on your jammies, and peruse our website and catalog, or better yet—come visit us in any of our stores to get an even closer look at the difference quality makes.

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