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Connor Thermostatic Shower Set With Handheld

We base our product on freedom of choice. Different homes have different needs – which is why our lighting has an array of options ranging from finish to shade to length.

We know those details define your room, and when we partnered with Brooklyn’s Watermark to develop a line of plumbing fixtures, we wanted to maintain that freedom of choice.  Our designers and theirs created a collection of five designs that will make your bathroom shine.

On the face of it, our plumbing has our expected options of style and finish. But some of those choices are more subtle.  For example, our shower suites come in these configurations:

  • Shower only
  • Shower and handheld
  • Shower and tub
  • Shower, tub, and handheld

We also developed an array of shower heads to coordinate with these collections. While we are partial to the Wilson with its coordinating square shower head, if you prefer a jetted shower head, we won’t let our preferences get in your way!

Each of our shower sets has one additional choice that’s a little more subtle: all are available with either pressure balanced or thermostatic valves. Both meet anti-scald code with two degrees of finesse.

Pressure balance valve systems monitor the ratio of cold and hot water flowing through the valve, and keep that ratio constant.  It prevents hot water from rushing to the unit when cold water is diverted to elsewhere in the house, like when a toilet is flushed.

Thermostatic valve systems give you exact control over the water temperature, saving water.  A paraffin wax element maintains water temperature within 2 degrees Fahrenheit, at a range from 50°F to 180°F.  However, it has a safety feature limiting the maximum temperature at 100°F to prevent accidental scalding. (This maximum can be adjusted during installation.) Whatever temperature you set it to, it will stay at until you adjust it.  When you divert water from tub filler to shower head to handheld, the exact same temperature will flow from all spigots.  Since it regulates the temperature of the water, it also functions as a pressure balance system.

Style, finish, configuration, shower head, valve systems … Whatever you need, Rejuvenation is happy to provide.


Canfield Pressure Balanced Shower Set With Handheld


Dunbar Pressure Balanced Shower Set With Handheld


Winslow Pressure Balanced Shower Set With Handheld


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