Introducing In-home Design


In-Home Design can help you pull together a complete look.

When it comes to home renovation projects, the planning and decision-making can be daunting.  But we’re here to help.  Our sales associates offer free design consultations to support our customers as they bring their projects to life.

Rejuvenation’s In-home Design Service is available at all our locations and is geared towards customers with all manner of of projects, from large-scale home renovations to something as small as needing to switch out a single light. Whether it’s a single room or an entire house, a sales associate will meet with clients, either in-store or in their homes, to go over plans and give advice on which of our products meet their needs. Be it lighting, hardware, home goods, paint, or furniture, staff will point clients in the right direction.

“Customers are so overwhelmed that they need to get extra guidance and reassurance,” said Lance Terrile, lead sales associate who is part of the In-home Design team. “And that’s where we come in.”

The service has been available for about two years, but is expanding as more staff members receive training. The sales team determines which projects would be a good match for the service and then connects the customer with the right sales associate. Whether a project takes one consultation, or several over the course of time, our staff is committed to helping clients find the best design solutions for their unique needs.


Can’t decide what finish you want? In-Home Design can help with that too.

“We really take pride in the program, it’s so important to what we do,” said Terrile, who is currently working with a client in Santa Barbara, CA on replacing the lighting in their Victorian-era home. He averages about five design consultations per week.

And did we mention the consultations are free?

“It’s all about building relationships with customers,” said Terrile. “I want it to turn out absolutely flawless. If they’re happy, I’m thrilled.”

Want to learn more or request an appointment? Visit our In-home Design Service page.

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