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Rejuvenation + Flea = Sunday Emporium
A new market for local handcrafted wares, vintage finds, and really good food.

Since 2011, enthusiasts of rare vintage treasures and eclectic finery have found a haven in Stumptown’s Portland Flea. Situated in its primary location at Grand and Pine, and blossoming to life every 3rd Sunday of each month, the market has gained a loyal following. Kate Sullivan, founder of the Flea, is eagerly embracing the momentum of this monthly collection of 20-plus vendors and crafters, by recently expanding to include a 2nd Sunday gathering at the Colony in St Johns. This past Mother’s Day, the Flea filled the Colony with a cozy collection of vendor stalls, local food, and interactive activities. Visitors partook of coffee and cocktails, badminton and beauty make-overs – wandering leisurely along tables of selective vintage picker’s collections of handcrafted furniture, finely wrought tools, books, clothing, glassware, you name it.

Portland-Store-Facade_1000x527Soon, the Portland Flea will spread its roots further as it partners with Rejuvenation. Commencing on June 29th, the Portland Flea will occupy the grand showroom of Rejuvenation’s Grand and Taylor store for the Sunday Emporium. On the last Sunday of each month, Flea-goers can visit this fellow Portland mainstay’s flagship store, and find the familiar neighborly collection of vendor stalls and local food to be found at the market’s other monthly events, . . . only a little more refined.

PigeonToeKate’s enthusiasm bubbles to the surface as she speaks of the alternative possibilities this union offers, while still maintaining the Flea’s central themes. This new Flea at Rejuvenation will set aside its usual clothing stalls – reserving them for the market gatherings earlier in the month. This shift will enable the final Sunday Flea to open up more space for vendors who are serious devotees of refurbishing, restoring and re-purposing exceptional objects. Likewise, it will create additional space to welcome more craftspeople who are custom-designing and making great new items with classic style, using quality textiles, leather, pottery and metals.

SweetheartBakeryLast Sundays at Rejuvenation will be a buffet of Portland’s finest eclectic excellence. Builders of exceptional goods such as Walnut Studio and The Good Mod will be on hand, as well as discerning vintage sellers the likes of Remnant and Warren Goods. Additionally, the festivities will be spilling over into Rejuvenation’s parking lot to include quintessentially Pdx food vendors such as Sweetheart Bakery and Taco Pedaler.

GoodModThe Sunday Emporium will allow the Portland Flea to offer the same celebratory atmosphere of a neighborhood gathering amidst a scavenger and collectors paradise, while shifting seamlessly into the aesthetic territory that Rejuvenation is known for. The Flea’s vision of focusing on a specific set of sellers and crafters at the Sunday Emporium will blend beautifully with Rejuvenation, in presenting items that adhere to the vintage restorer and collector’s ideals – those of lasting worth and enduring style.

As Kate says, “this is really exciting, as it’s the only market of its kind in Portland. It brings together a curated selection of vintage vendors, designers who blend old with new, and local design-minded craftspeople who are helping restore the rightful place of handmade objects in the contemporary home.”

See you there!

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