Made in America: Carson Warehouse Shades


The Carson Straight Arm with Tomato Red Shade

Historically, warehouse lights were a mainstay in bustling factories across the country. Today, they are finding their way into many new spaces, yet the American ideals of hard work, strength and the permanence they evoke remain. Honoring this legacy, our locally crafted warehouse shades, coupled with any of our American-made warehouse fixtures, are faithful reproductions of the originals. They represent what’s great about American craftsmanship and buying American-made products.

Before we get into our family of warehouse fixtures, we’re especially excited to talk about our warehouse shades, which are handspun in Tualatin, OR.

Great time and care is put into the creation of our heavy-duty aluminum shades. After being spun, each shade is hand-painted with multiple coats of paint – a process that takes the team of 15-20 craftsmen several days to complete. They use a low-VOC polyurethane enamel that is tough enough to stand up to all weather conditions, but is also gentle on workers and the environment.

Since the shades are made so close to home, this allows our designers to collaborate with the craftsmen and painters to get the details done just right.

While these factors may seem like a big deal, we think they represent what’s great about American industry and the high-quality inherent in something not only hand-made, but American-made.


Carson Shades are available in 8 colors

“If [customers] buy something [American-made] instead of from overseas, they’ve done something good for themselves,” said Jesse Jordan, shade painter. “When people don’t buy [American-made] it’s not just affecting us — it’s affecting them. If the jobs disappear, where will people work? How will they afford to live?”

We couldn’t agree more. This is just another reason we pair our warehouse shades with our American-made family of warehouse lights.

The Carson family of warehouse lights are period authentic fixtures and include details found in traditional warehouse lights like cast acorn finials and cooling fins. We offer them with historically accurate support options like scrolls, rods, and chains.

But don’t be fooled by the fine details of our shades and lights — they are made to last for years to come.


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