100 Party Guests. 100 Party Chairs.

You've invited 100 guests to your house for a New Year's Eve party. It's going to be the gala of the decade, the century, the millennium. Everything is perfect: The lights. The cocktails. The list.

But wait. Where will everyone sit? Sure, there's dancing to be done, but people can't be expected to stand ALL NIGHT. You'll need bar stools for perching, chesterfields for chatting, multiple chairs for musical chairs.

Never fear, Rejuvenation is here. 100 guests, 100 chairs, a mix of vintage and new. Salut!

4 Butterfly Chairs

6 Haywood Wakefield Chairs (and 1 table)

1 Hello Girl Chair

8 Art Deco Chairs

6 Leather Schoolhouse Chairs

2 Thaden Jordan Chairs

16 Saddle Seat Chairs

2 Shaw Walker Chairs

4 Atomic Age Kitchen Stool Chairs

2 Nicolle Bar Stool Chairs

50 Folding Chairs

1 Holgate Tufted Chair over which (fair warning) you may find party guests draped next morning